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  • The Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre offers a variety of programs for Educators which include tours of our Main Gallery, tower exhibits, hand- on activities, scavenger hunts and crafts.

    Our regular tours are from 1 to 11/2 hours long and include the stories of the Willow Cree, Métis and Pioneers of Duck Lake Region highlighted by various artifacts, artwork and photos.

    Our theme:  Frontier of First Nations, Métis and Pioneer Society from 1870 – 1905 feature sections dedicated to the People, Spirituality, Education, Law and Upheaval and Economics and Commerce. We can tailor your experience based on your time and specific interests or curriculum.

First Nations Studies

    • The Almighty Voice Story
    • Treaty #6
    • Events of 1885 and aftermaths
    • Beardy's and Okemasis Willow Cree First Nation
    • Chief Beardy
    • Extensive collection of beadwork and artifacts
    • Tools and artifacts
    • Hunting methods
    • Food preparation
    • Spirituality

Métis Studies

    • Métis origins and early settlement
    • Spirituality
    • History of St. Laurent Shrine
    • Social Life
    • Events of 1869 and 1885 - Louis Riel Uprisings
    • Beaded artifacts, clothing, documents and photos
    • Transportation
    • Hunting methods
    • Fur and pemmican trading
    • Miniature hand hewed log house
    • Education
    • Gabriel Dumont

Pioneer Studies

    • Early settlements
    • Spirituality
    • History of St. Laurent Shrine
    • Education
    • Extensive artifact, document and photograph collection
    • Miss Dorval - first certified school teacher in Saskatchewan
    • North West Mounted Police
    • Agriculture
    • Miniature dove tail homestead model

Duck Lake Studies

    • Early settlement
    • Influential people: Hillyard Mitchell, Pozer Family, Boyer Family, Douglas Stobart, Josephine Brooks, Dr. Touchet, Dr. Stewart, Forestier, Lanovaz Family, Brunelle Family, Fred Anderson and many more
    • Railway development and influence
    • North West Mounted Police detachments
    • Business developments
    • Extensive artifact, document and photograph collection


  • We also have an archive of books, reference material, local history and photos for anyone wishing to do research of our area and citizens.  Call ahead for to reserve a time.

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There is an extra $1.00 charge per person for a guided murals tour.

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